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Game of the Week: Cortland vs. Oneonta

Game of the Week: Cortland vs. Oneonta

CORTLAND, N.Y. - The State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Game of the Week was an exciting seven goal field hockey contest that had four goals in four minutes. Both Cortland and Oneonta showed resiliency throughout the game but in the end Oneonta was able to come out on top 4-3.

Match Facts

  • 5th minute - Chloe Lynch finds the rebound and sends it into the back of the net, 1-0 Oneonta.
  • 21st minute - Jess Gibaldi receives a pass by the left post and puts the ball past the Oneonta goalie, the score is tied 1-1.
    • Assisted by Kelly Durso
  • 45th minute - Grace Bilow scores for Oneonta to put them back on top 2-1.
  • 45th minute - Valerie Brillaud finds herself at the right place at the right time as Jess Gibaldi's shot is saved and rebounds right to Brillaud. Brillaud quickly shoots and scores, Cortland ties the game 2-2 just 22 seconds after Oneonta took the lead.
    • Assisted by team
  • 47th minute - Valerie Brillaud rips a shot past the goalie for her second goal in two minutes and 20 seconds, 3-2 Cortland.
  • 48th minute - Allyson Wells quickly answers for Oneonta, finishing a rebound in front of the goal, the score is tied 3-3.
  • 67th minute - Carissa Warren is found by Grace Bilow on a penalty corner and Warren scores the game-winning goal! Oneonta wins 4-3.
    • Assisted by Grace Bilow

Player of the Game

  • Danell Jones, the Oneonta goalie, was the main reason her team was able to keep the game close and eventually pull out the win. Jones did the best she could to keep Cortland out of the goal. She finished the game with a season high 13 saves on 16 shots on goal, allowing only three goals. 

Important Stats

  • Cortland outshot Oneonta 25-6 in the game. 
  • Oneonta's goalie had 13 saves on 16 shots on goal. Cortland's goalie finished with 1 save on 5 shots on goal.
  • Cortland took 8 penalty corners, Oneonta took 2 penalty corners.

Game Leaders


  • Goals - Valerie Brillaud (2)
  • Assists - Kelly Durso (1)
  • Shots on Goal - Amanda Glaser (5)
  • Saves - Kailynne Reinoehl (1)


  • Goals - Carissa Warren, Chloe Lynch, Grace Bilow, Allyson Wells (1)
  • Assists - Grace Bilow (1)
  • Shots on Goal - Grace Bilow (2)
  • Saves - Danell Jones (13)

What's Next

Cortland @ St. John Fisher - Wednesday, October 10th @ 4pm

Oneonta @ Geneseo - Friday, October 12th @4pm

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